Effective Insurance Planning


Discover step by step how to effectively use insurance to make the most optimal financial decisions and how to calculate your own insurance needs. Learn how to prevent a $200,000 insurance mistake and with $400,000 plus of strategies, tips and resources with Effective Insurance Planning and the CLF Group!


With Effective Insurance Planning Course, learn how to handle your insurance affairs better than the typical salesman to make the most optimal financial decisions, on your own!


  • How to synthesize abundant financial knowledge for your practical application.
  • How to calculate every facet of insurance including advanced critical thinking and strategizing.
  • How to calculate your own amount of insurance so you know you are not buying more (or less) than you need.
  • How to put over $100,000 in your pocket on old life policies in your living years!
  • Five things you MUST consider before buying Long Term Care Insurance and
  • Where to go to get the best deals on your Long Term Care and Disability and more!

What you get:

  • Over 90 minutes of  lessons showing you step-by-step how to effectively use Insurance.
  • 16 Coaching lessons right away!
  • Over $400,000 in value with strategies, tools, knowledge, tips and resources (this is a hands-on and results oriented course).
  • Coaching sessions at your own pace, anywhere!
  • Quiz and Final Assessment.
  • BONUS: Get FREE access to “Ensuring your Success” module and potentially add over $400 per month in your pocket immediately!

*Lifetime access includes revisions/additions. If a course/membership is retired, access to a comparable course/membership will be granted. Details found in Prosperity Path Agreement.


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