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Our beginnings

Chris' Story

Growing up as a kid my mother was a nurse and we came from a middle-class family that was like the typical American family, and my father was a bartender and worked very hard. He was unable to read or write and worked two jobs and the tips that he made from work was our school lunch money.

I remember asking myself, why are they working so hard it must be for the money, but shortly thereafter I realized it was not just the money it was how they were managing and spending the money.

Later, I realized they did not know or how to create a budget, and that day I decided to become financially literate. I invested into myself first and learned how to set financial goals and stick to them.

I saved up money for my first car and my mother insisted that I give my sister some of my money that I had saved, so that she would be able to afford a down payment on her first vehicle.  I decided at that point that I would be financially responsible and debt free. My goal is to help as many families as possible and others, just like my family.

We Help You Achieve Financial Independence​

The CLF Group’s passion is to help individuals and families achieve economic independence through financial literacy coaching and online courses.

We help you Become a Financial Coach

Want to make a positive change in the lives of your family and the community around you? In partnership with UGRU Coaching, we provide the tools, platform and training needed to achieve your financial literacy and coaching goals!

The CLF Group Mission:

To empower you to Financially prosper

Let us help you achieve balance in your life and shape your financial future with powerful, unique and results oriented coaching. We’ll equip you with the tools, resources, knowledge, and execution you need to build sustainable wealth. 

We will help you meet your Financial Goals

Let's start now!

We share our passion by helping others to meet their Financial Goals with Financial Coaching.